Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cape Town, Part 2

I couldn't just write one post on Cape Town, it was too much fun and such an amazing place!

As we went to Cape Town a few months after the World Cup the hype of it all was still massive and it was so much fun being in that atmosphere. We had an opportunity to go to a match, USA vs South Africa and of course we went!

It was so great walking towards the stadium! There is a street right by it that is filled with restaurants so we went there for dinner and drinks....and so did the other 50,000 people that were attending the game! It was insane!
After a few drinkies we started to head towards the stadium - we had pretty awesome seats, right near the ground and had a great view! I am not usually one to be that excited about watching a whole football match but with all the vuvuzela's and people having a ball, it was so much fun!

Enough about football.....It is the wineries just outside of Cape Town that you want to hear about!! They were delicious and amazing!!
Micah, Ryan and I went to so many wineries while we were there...they are all very close together and so cheap that you can easily squeeze 5 wineries in 1 day!!
I couldn't tell you all of the wineries we went to because there were too many but each and everyone one of them were so beautiful and the wine was one winery we even tried the best wine for 2009....and let me tell you....I wanted to drink the whole bottle!!

The Winery we were at (picture above) had wine and chocolate tasting, just what the doctor ordered! It was a beautiful day and the setting was amazing, we sat there and the waitress came out and said we could try 8 wines for $3!!!! It is so cheap that it just makes sense going to wineries if you live in Cape Town all the time!! ( I know I would! ha!)

After we finished off all the delicious wines at this winery (no we did not spit..we swallowed!) we drove on to the next winery and this is where we tried the best wine of 2009..I wish i took a photo of it or remembered its name but nope..I was too busy drinking! We decided to have some fun in the grape vines before we moved on to our next destination.....another winery!

I highly recommend if you go to South Africa go to the wine regions just outside of Cape Town, you will not regret as the country side is so lovely and the wine is even nicer!

As I told you in my previous post that i really wanted to see a shark while i was in South Africa I thought going to seal island would be the think think shark trying to eat it so naturally I thought there would be some big nasty great whites hanging around. Ryan and I took a boat out to seal is only about 1km off the shore and it is a big flat rock where thousands of seals hang out, sun bake and play in the water, very cute!

When the boat was near them they were jumping in the water and coming up near the boat, it was cute and I wish i paid them more attention but it was so rocky out there that i needed to sit down and stare at one spot...I am shocking when it comes to being out on the sea... I always think the worst. These little guys were great to watch but alas no shark :( It would have been the best thing in the world to see a big mumma jump out of the water!

Alright guys, It's that time again where i love you and leave you but before I leave you check out some amazeball photo's of my trip.

I saw the best table cloth on Table mountain!!

Peace xx


  1. The wineries look amazing!! And the football.. well I love football, sounds like it was awesome.

    What were the photos at the bottom? Table Mountain?

  2. WOW that tablecloth! imagine living there!