Thursday, 6 October 2011

Byron Bay

Last weekend (Grand Final weekend) I was up in Byron Bay with some of my girls. Best. Fun. Ever! omg we laughed so much, it was the best 4 days I have had in a while!

We arrived quite late Thursday night so didn't get up to much just chilled at the house, we wanted to get up early to get as much beach time possible! We were all up quite early and we hit the beach straight away, it was so delicious, 24 degrees with no clouds in sight!

Byron Bay beach is so amazeballs, I love lying there for hours just listening to the sea and squeaky sand. We all went into the water after heating up a bit on the was so frikkin cold!!! it was like Melbourne cold! but we just did it...ran in without thinking and it was divine once your private parts are used to the cold! haha!

As we all hadn't been in the sun for a few months we were pretty keen to stay there for a while, we had a break to go get on of the amazing Bay Kebabs...ohh I could eat one right now. We were on the beach for a good 5 hrs before we realised some of us were getting pretty burnt...very burnt, red raw skin so we decided to go start drinking! yeah! drinking!

We didn't have a big one that night as the Grand Final day was the next day and we knew that we would be drinking allllll day and night so we made lasagna and watched a movie.

We thought getting to the Beach Hotel at 12 would mean great table and enough seats for us all to sit way were we correct, it look like people had been there for hours and they had the best spots, it was so annoying! We found a little round table and moved it into the big tv area and searched for chairs..we finally all squeezed around and started on our first cider.

When the game started we all got so into it! My one friend Maddy is the biggest Geelong fan (you can tell by her outfit!) and it was so much fun being in that atmosphere, surrounded by drunken fools and being one yourself!

After the game finished we went out for a quick dinner as we all needed to eat. We had Thai and it was delicious, it was BYO too which was dangerous...we basically got a bottle of wine each!! After dinner we went to a club called La La Land, we got there at like 8.30 and it had just opened so we were the first ones there...i've never been first in a club but it is sooo much fun! you have to d floor to yourself and you don't have to wait for drinks!! The Best!!
In our crazy state we decided we were not allowed a drink without a shot, haha! so that is what we did all night, a vodka drink with either tequila or agwa!
Myself and some of the girls were out that night until 4.30am....jesus it was a long day of drinking! We woke up feeling so gross, our heads were hurting and our mouths tasted like a rat had died inside them but we were in that delusional state were everything was the funniest thing we had ever heard! ah so funny! That night we had a really nice restaurant booked for dinner so after lazing around all day we all dressed up and went out for dinner, some of us got our going out feeling back and we were ready for round 2 baby! We had a delicious dinner with delicious wine and amazing cocktails and after we had finished with dinner we moved on to La La Land again......YEAH!

Round 2 we were out very late as well..oh my it was a big one..same went down, 1 drink, 1 shot...why do we do it to ourselves!

Byron Bay was so much fun, each time I go it just gets better and better and there is nothing like a good little holiday here and there!

Going on a Holiday is the best! woo!

Peace xx


  1. woo looks like fun!

  2. You left this, for work?!?!? You really do want to cut V's lunch!

  3. HAHA Lynda. Very funny.

    1 shot 1 drink. I HAVE to do that this weekend after the week we've had. ;)

  4. Byron's a favourite of mine too!


  5. we spent our honeymoon in byron, eating, drinking and lying on the beach. i agree it gets better every time.

  6. Byron Bay beach is so amazeballs, I love lying there for hours just listening to the sea and squeaky sand. We all went into the water after heating up a bit on the sand.Restaurant Coolangatta