Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cape Town, Part 1

Hi Folks! Hope you are all splendid :)

After our fun week in Jo'burg we were on our way to Cape Town, Ryan's parents live there and I also have a bunch of friends from there so we were super pumped to be going.
We arrived in The Cape with Ryan's mum picking us up (first time meeting the mum!) and as soon as we started heading in to Cape Town I knew I was going to love it! Oh my its so pretty!
Instead of going straight back to the house Louise took us on a little drive to I could see a bit of Cape Town, it was such a beautiful day and this is the first view i got!

We were up on a historical site (I can't remember what it was called...eeeeek) but to get your bearings, if you turned the corner to your left you would see Table Mountain.
After a bit of sightseeing we went and ate some delish food at a very pretty hotel/restaurant - I was so excited about eating food here...I am always excited about eating food but when it comes to a new country or city all I want to do is eat!

Ryan's Parents live in a little town called Fish Hoek - It is about 30 mins from the center of Cape Town, closer to Cape Point - which by the way is B E A utiful.

It was so nice being in this little town, being surrounded my mountains was lovely but wow it could get windy. Nearly everyday you could hear the Shark alarm going off on the beach, sometimes more than 3 times a day it would go off, it was so scary but each time I wanted to race down to the beach to see if I could spot one! On every beach they have shark flags and each colour means something different and if it is black with a white outline of a shark that means one has been spotted and the flags were always black and white! One day I will get my Shark day.

A Highlight of Cape Town for me was catching up with my lovely friends, I hardly get to see them so to spend two months with them was amaze. Many nights we went out drinking...everything is so cheap!! especially because we were on the Pound.

They took me to some amazing places while I was with them, we went to so many wineries, a football match at the new stadium they built for the Soccer World Cup and to many amazing restaurants and bars.
One day Micah took me to Camps Bay for some cocktails and a walk along the beach, it is so beautiful there

If Cape Town wasn't so windy most of the time you could definitely call this paradise, the only problem is the sea water is always freeeezing and there are many sharks hanging around!!

One week Ryan's sister and her boyfriend came down from Jo'Burg for a little visit which was nice. Gareth is a huge fishing lover so one day we went with him to Cape Point to fish. It took about 30 mins to drive there, when you get to the national park you have to pay to get in (pretty expensive) but we got to see baboons, ostrich's and other funny little creatures! The baboons were very funny, the stories I heard from people, how they would just walk into your house and steal from the fridge!! haha.

We got to the fishing spot but had to walk down a huge cliff to get there, that was mighty scary but once we got down to this flat rock it was so beautiful!
There were a few other Fishermen there but apparently its a spot that not many people know about...fair enough too, the track to get to it would kill you if you took a wrong turn! I did not fish because i feel sorry for them..poor things being hooked. The others got into it though but mwahahahaha they did not catch anything!
Around the mountain from Ryan's house is a little town called Simon's Town, It is were the Navy people stay and huge ships are stationed there. Apart from it being a navy town it is also home to some stunning views! We went there one day and had a million oysters and a bottle of wine sitting in the sun and it was heaven! There is also a beach near there where you can hang out with penguins!! eeeee they were so cute!

So folks, that is all from me this week but once again I will leave you with some stunning Photo's that should make you want to go to South Africa!! Just do it...

Peace xx


  1. Matilda Blossom King See22 September 2011 at 12:15

    i wish i had come to south africa!!!
    The photos look amazing.
    Its sad it gets a bad wrap because of the danger.
    Matilda xxx

  2. Your posts make me laugh (and smile) and your blog looks so pretty.

    See you next week.

  3. Your so lucky to have been to so many beautiful places! It looks amazing!

  4. AHHHHHH I want to go so badly. Curse work!

  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! omg! I love you posts on Cape Town! wow what sexy friends you have ;-) I wish you were still here, we are going to a beer festival in town tonight with Stacey and Tazz and my tall German ;-)Love you loads you lekker thing!