Thursday, 15 September 2011

South Africa - Jo'burg

Hi my chinas! I hope you are all Lekker :)

Last year when Ryan and I left England we decided to spend a couple of months in South Africa! I was so excited as I have always wanted to go there - Ryan is from there so he wasn't as pumped as me but he got to see his fam which is always nice!
We decided to spend a week in Jo'burg as that is where Ryan's sister (Sarah) lives, I was SO excited to be going to S.A!
We arrived at the airport and Sarah's bf picked us up - driving back to their house all i could judge of Jo'burg was it had huge freeways and all houses were in little safe complexes and each complex had guards and either electric fences or barbed wire (I was a little freaked out!)

One of the days we were in Jo'burg we went to a restaurant called Moyas. Moyas is an outdoors restaurant that serves traditional South African food - I couldn't wait to try different foods!

The waitresses were dressed in colourful robes and came around and offered to paint your face (not the whole thing like kids get) but nice little delicate flowers, they were really good at it too! Check out my flowers!

We had a delicious lunch, I met some of Ryan's mates which made me a bit nervous - you know - you gotta be yourself and make sure they like you!! But after a few drinks we all had some great laughs (apart from Ryan who had been out the night before until like 7am) and we all became besties! hehe.
I tried Springbok for the first time, it was really yummy - a mixture of pork and chicken i suppose. I did not eat this Springbok but in case you do not know what they look like here ya go:

Moyas came to an end and it was just a perfect day in Jo'burg - My favourite thing to do is sit in the sun, eating and drinking amazingness and speak with fun interesting people.

Now this next photo I am putting up is purely for a laugh...haha when I saw him I thought it was the best thing ever...he loved me giving him attention as well! We were walking across the park to get back to the cars and he was riding along and i had to stop him!

OK now to talk about my highlight of being in South Africa, I have dreamed about this for years and it finally came true, it was 5 minutes of bliss and I wish I could do it all of the time :(


We got to go inside their enclosure for 5 minutes and play with them! oh it was so magical. They were soooo cute and i just wanted to squish them...I didn't because they were defiantly stronger than me and those claws could have ripped me into bits but oh i really wanted to! When we got into their enclosure they were sleeping which was a big bummer but they eventually woke!

oooo look at how cute they are! The white lion cub was so big, he is going to be a big boy when he is fully grown. Being around them was so amazing, I love cats and these guys were just giant cats and it was so much fun!

 After our 5 minutes was only felt like 1 minute :( we went around the rest of the park and got to drive through the Lion area, now this was cool - there was no barrier between us and the lions apart from our cars and it was so tempting to wind down the window to get a good photo. At one point the car behind us must have looked like their feeding car because 2 of the male lions (huge mo fo's!) were jumping all over it and the people inside were freaking out! i secretly wished it happened to us - haha yeah I'm weird like that. These white lions were amazing - apparently there aren't many left in the world which is mighty sad.

It was feeding time while we were in there, they were munching on the biggest limbs ever, they all had blood around their mouths which was a bit ewww.
Jo'burg was great fun and I loved all the people i met - but I could not wait to get to Capetown and see my friends that live there! Next week my post will be on the Cape so make sure you stay tuned! Now I will leave you with a photo of a Giraffe that got its foot stuck in a pot plant! hehe

Peace xx


  1. Holly, you make me laugh so much, while reading this I can hear you saying it all in my head! I'm glad that wasn't the Springbok you ate hahaha and that photo of the guy is just hilarious!

  2. haha thats aweomse. The white lions are cool. I was going to say I havn't seen lions as pale... so i guess white lions makes sense.
    I reckon we should rock that face paint next time we have girls night out,


  3. thats cool. Ive always wanted to go to south africa but am very nervous. In next weeks post can you include (if u have any)photos of the compounds
    i lvoe this blog

  4. hi hi ha ha ho ho!!! I so wish i could have seen the lion cubs... in Indo they drug the big animals so you can go in and squish them but i wouldnt want to squish a drugged lion cub would you Blog Holly?

    Let's go to the zoo soon yaa? xxxx