Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hi again, it's that time of the week where i share an amazing experience from my life! :)

In July, Ryan (my bf), me and my friends went to Bali for ten relaxing days - it was so nice to do nothing but lay in the sun and eat more than 3 meals a day!

My friend Sammy D has a villa right in the heart of Seminyak so we all stayed there and it was luxurious i tell you....luxurious!
It was so nice staying here again, we had our own chef that would cook us breakfast (note: Do not eat the bread in's sweet!) and we never had to make our beds - it was just like a hotel but it was our own private house!
Everyday we would wake up reasonably early and head straight to the beach or go shopping, ahhhh being on a beach again was sooooo nice. Bali beaches are not the nicest but when it is hot and there is water around, i do not care!

We had a driver for a few days and he took us on day trips to places we could not get to by foot. One day we went to a water sports beach, i was not that inclined to do that many water sports as i am a woos and am always scared i am going to hurt myself but Sam, Ace and Ryan did so many different activities, it looked like awesome fun!

Matilda and i did however go on the's a banana shaped blow up thingy that is attached to a boat by rope and the boast takes you on a ride, it is a lot of fun and you always fall of and have good laughs! Unfortunately this time the driver did not go fast enough for us to fall off but it was still fun anyway!
When we were not at the beach, we were out at night eating delicious food and drinking delicious cocktails...mmmmmmmm i still crave sitting on lounge beds drinking amazing concoctions of flavours. One night we went to a place call Potato Heads, its a large complex that is right on the water in Seminyak and it has a restaurant, cocktail area, pool, spa. We got there just in time to see the beautiful sunset and then we were ready to hit the cocktails!
We sat on a huge lounge that was right near the big infinity pool and chose so many cocktails by the end of the night we were a little drunk but i think more hyper from all the sugar in the cocktails!
This photo is me after sooo many photo's were taken and i was totally over it!
So my time in Bali was amazeballs, when we left, we had a flight up to Singapore then we had to get on a horrific Jetstar flight all the way back to was hell! Then as soon as we landed, i got home and had fifteen minutes to get ready for was one crazy night and day! I am going to leave you with a few more photo's because who doesn't lurrve a photo :)

Peace and love xx


  1. woah looks like you guys had an amazing time. who's the hot blonde??? i want her number

    thomas Patrick

  2. Matilda Blossom King See1 September 2011 at 12:06

    YAY!!! I miss Bali!
    Good blog

  3. Awww fun, way to make me want to leave the office right now and jump on a plane... do you think Kruppy & Dave will notice?

  4. LOVES IT!

    I had so much fun reading this. Thanks for sharing! I want to go to bali too.. BYEBYE!


  5. I want to go to Bali can I stay at Sammy D's house?