Thursday, 8 September 2011

England in May

Hi friends!

This year in May my dad and I went to England as my Grandpa died and we went to help out with everything and go to the funeral...but i'm not blogging today about this sad story, i'm going to blog about the three days me, my dad, my auntie and two cousins hired a boat and went up the Thames!

It was so much fun! Here is a map on the Thames and the orange arrow sort of shows you where we started and finished

We did not think the boat we hired was as big as it was huge! We had many laughs the 3 nights we were on it..oh my stomach hurt after a while it was so funny, i wish i could tell you some of the stories but they were so 'you had to be there' stories. Steering the boat was an really had to get the hang of it and stay on the left side of the river, if you moved the wheel a little bit the whole boat would just go off course and it was so hard to line it back up

Now going through locks (locks are used for controlling the flow of water down the river)  was the had to jump off the boat, quickly tie it up so it doesnt float away, wait until the doors open to the lock and then untie the boat, steer it into the skinny lock, jump off the boat again to tie it up, wait until the doors close and then the water fills up so you are the same level as the other side of the river, wait until the other door opens, untie the boat, jump back on and steer through the door of the god it was a mission and there were SO MANY OF THEM.

We went through so many pretty little towns right on the water and so many huge houses, it was so nice to see things from the river.

We would be on the boat for most of the day - one day the sun even came out which was amaze! We would stop off in cute little villages and have pub lunches - so English of us! It was a perfect time for all of us to be together as a family as we don't get to spend that much time together as we live in different countries.

During the nights we would find somewhere to park the boat and find a pub for dinner - boating really took it out of us so we were always in bed early but not before we drank copious amounts of red wine and played monopoly! It was sooooo good catching up with this side of the fam again, can't wait to get back over there to see them and laugh until my belly hurts!
Here are some more photo's of what i saw from the boat - England is so beautiful and if you are planning on going there hire a boat and go along the Thames!

Peace and love xx


  1. HOLLY! I didn't know you guys went cruising up the Thames, that is too cool! Ahhh you always make me want to skip the country again... maybe I should quit reading your blog :-P

  2. That does look cool x it's great that your trip wasn't just about the funeral and you got have some down time just for yourself and your family x my grandparents are from scottland and they often talk about us taking a trip like this.

  3. oh awesome, we should have done that when we were there... xx