Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oriental Tea House

Hi to everyone that reads my blog (which is no one! ha!)

Last night me and some lovely people, Grace, Jen, Dave and Erwin, went to Oriental Tea House in Melbourne Central to attend a night of learning how to make dumplings and eating them! Oh how delicious they were.

We were a few minutes when we got there we were greeted with a glass of champagne at our table - great way to start the night!

mmmmmm delicious champagne...Grace and I wished we could have refills...we even drank Daves (Thanks Dave!)
The main dude David Zhou who is the owner of Oriental Tea House got straight to work as he showed us how to make the perfect filling for your dumplings - at this point i was getting very hungry and the champagne was making me a little tipsy! We already had filling made and it was on our table and after he showed us how to wrap the perfect package of amazingness it was our turn to try!

It was harder than what it looked but we all finally got there with most of our dumplings looking like tortellini! We all got a steamer each to ourselves and there was enough mixture for us to make four dumplings each, it was good fun! Even David came round and showed us how to do it the master way!

These were my dumplings raw, i think they looked pretty good and now i can take my skill back to my kitchen!
Our little group were the last to get our dumplings back from being steamed - it was torture looking at the people sitting next to us munching away on theirs! Here are mine cooked!
They don't look much different apart from the wrinkly parts on the balls!! hehe. David had made a special sauce to go with our homemade dumplings and with the dumpling and the sauce together it was amazing....i want dumplings right now just thinking about it!

After we were all done munching away on our dumplings never wanting them to end, we had a small little course of Tea and spicy peanuts which was very delicious - the tea had a nice aroma to it.
Half way through drinking our tea and eating our nuts more DUMPLINGS! came out :) They were seafood mix and we all had 4 each and they were delicious!! Jen showed me the proper way to holf my chopsticks, I hope I do not forget :s.
The music that they were playing was hilarious - it's like they had on Love song dedications on 101.1, it brought out the love in all of us and Grace and I even sang a little bit!

After a bit of chatter another plate of food came out!
Unfortunately it was not more dumplings but it was still delish! I could not even finish it i was so full.
After this meal many people just got up and left - I could have not moved at this point i was very full! We decided to stay a little longer and lucky we did as we were asked if we would like a glass of wine and dessert! yay!
These Chocolate dumplings with ice-cream were amazingness! so delish but very filling.
On a whole the night was a great success - the lighting was perfect for people to take photo's, the music could not have been better and the atmosphere was great! If Oriental Tea House have another night like this you should all go...I certainly will be and I will be the dumpling master!

Until next time...Peace :)


  1. I read your blog and I LOVE dumplings. This post is making me hungry actually..I really wish I had ingredients to make dumplings.

    Um. Thanks Holly.