Thursday, 27 October 2011


Last week I told you all about my time in Peru! After Peru (Cusco) we all took a 25 hr bus ride to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, lake Titi is in Peru and Bolivia but we heard from travellers that the best bit to go to is called Punto which is on the Bolivian side.
The Bus ride was hell as usual, comfy seats, but the only toilet on board was absolutely disgusting and at one stage we had to swap buses and had to wait for it for about 6 hrs....FML. Crossing the Peruvian border in Bolivia was a little scary! There were so many different areas you had to go to and I had lost a tiny piece of paper at the start of the trip that apparently I was supposed to hold on to which then cost me $40 for loosing it, mother f*****s...they really know how to rip you off in these countries if you are not careful!!

When we arrived at Lake Titicaca it was so beautiful! It is the highest lake being 3,811 m above sea level and the largest lake in South America.

We found a little hotel to stay in and went exploring! There really is not much in Punto.. very very small and there are no ATM's!! The bank is only open 1 day a week there and none of us had money so we had to wait two days before we could get some!! Lucky the people in Punto were very trusting as we had many IOU's!!
Our nights were typically all the same, drink, go out and be naughty...I won't get into too much or I would get in trouble..but you know how South America is! We loved the way the Peruvian and Bolivian women dressed, it was very cute with their little bowler hats!

After a few days in Punto we got a little bored so we decided to head to Isle Del Sol, This is a little Island in Lake Titicaca that we heard was really beautiful and something different. We caught a boat there and we really didn't have a clue what we were getting ourselves into! This View from the boat is pretty amazing!
When we got to Isle Del Sole, someone who lived on the Island greeted us at the bottom...then he started walking up this steep hill and we thought oh maybe he is grabbing the car to put our packs on and we are getting a lift up....oh no...we had to walk with our heavy packs on up the steepest mountain ever for about an was hell!!! 
We finally got to the top where everyone lives and in everyone i mean about 10 families!! It was the tiniest little town ever, we found a place to stay which was $3 a night and went exploring...there were a few animals, one restaurant, many steps leading back down to the bottom and amazing views.
 We had a nice time here but it could have got pretty boring if we were there for more than one night!
After getting back on the boat to Punto we then caught another long ass bus ride to La Paz.. Party Town!!

We were all pretty excited about getting to La Paz, we had heard amazing things about it and couldn't wait to have some fun. If you have ever read Marching Powder then you would have wanted to go to the La Paz jail like we did...we set off one day to go there and were so excited about going inside but when we got there, there were guards out the front with big guns telling people to go want to know why? because a stupid American had taken a video while inside the jail and put in on YouTube and ruined it for all of us...I was so annoyed.
The way La Paz is set out is pretty cool, its in a big round bowl so when you are at the bottom you can see all the sides around you and just millions of homes
Now for people going to La Paz anytime in the near future make sure you go to Route 36...I can't tell you anything about it and people in La Paz will pretend not to know about it...either ask the people that work at the hostel or ask your taxi drivers...some may say they don't know what Route 36 is but you will find one that does and you must go!
The fun that I had in La Paz is indescribable...everyone needs to go there and check out the history, the people are gorgeous and the food is pretty damn good! They have excellent hostels that will take care of you and you can go on great day trips.
Peace x


  1. I googled Route 66, you are so naughty!

  2. i am taking leave and going there. looks like a great experience!