Thursday, 20 October 2011


In 2009 my friend Sammy d and I travelled around Europe (my second time), Lived in London (also my second time) and went to South America! We only had 6 weeks in SA as it was coming up to the end of the year and we wanted to be home for Christmas.

One of the countries we ended up in was Peru! We went to Lima first to check out the Capital city and were mildly disappointed.... There really isn't much there and although it is on the really is not a very nice coast!

We stayed in Lima for a few days and stayed at a pretty cool hostel - We had the most awesomness supermarket right near where we food everywhere and it was amazing food! Peru does have great food mmmmmmmm I could eat the ceviche now! We had never tried ceviche before (it is small bits of raw fish cut up with spices and lime juice) and we fell inlove it was GREAT!

There wasn't much to do in Lima, we walked around a lot, actually went to see the second Twlight film...we thought we were going to have to read subtitles but it was actually in English with Spanish subtitles! win!
One day Sammy d said she wanted to get her ear pierced all down the outside of the ear so about 6 piercings...she wasn't too sure if she should do it or not so stupid me said if she did it I would get a tatoo.... so we did, I got a tatoo that lasts forever and she got 6 piercings that she took out after a few weeks because they kept on getting caught on things.. aren't I silly!

We left Lima to go to Cusco but not before we had a 30 hr bus ride there! We were lucky to be on a first class bus with reclining seats, blankets, food and of course over the counter valium!

We arrived in cusco and it was the custest little town of all time, so old, with so many people roaming the streets, markets everywhere and cute little restaurants.

We stayed at the party hostel The Point and met wonderful people, we had such a good time in Cusco, it really was one of the highlights. To make it even better, two of our friends from back home were travelling SA and we met up here! We hadn't seen them all year as we had been travelling and it was just so good to see your best friends in an amazing city!

The main reason why people go to Cusco is for Machu Pichu. It is the closest main town to the amazing wonder so you start here and end here. Machu Pichu was on my definitely list and I was so pumped to see it, you see so many photo's in magazines and just hope one day that you can go explore it.
When we reached the top on Machu Pichu, you look out over the whole wonder and it is breath taking!

It looks like we are superimposed in the photo but we are totes not! It is so amazing up there I can't really describe it to you, the views, the workmanship, how long it has been up there, how on earth did they get everything up here and how on earth do they get lamas and rabbits up there!
We had a tour around the whole place which was nice but it wasn't that great so i would recommend just walking around by yourself. It was mighty hot up there as well, it felt like the sun was on top of us! Tip: If you plan on going to Machu Pichu, make sure your legs are covered completely, mine weren't and there are little pesky insects that draw blood and are mighty itchy! buggers. I had red dots on my legs for nearly 2 not a good look!

This was one magical experience for me and I think everyone should get to Peru and check out this amazing wonder. I'll leave you with more pics and next week we go from Peru to Bolivia! Oh my Bolivia is amazing! Lake Titicaca is also a place people need to get to!

Peace xx


  1. why do you have to turn your blog into a travel blog. you give me the itch. I guess that's not a bad thing. Peru looks gorgeous.

  2. I want to go soooo badly. Jealous. Maybe one day when I get over travelling back and forth to America I'll eventually make the trip over!

  3. Yes i agree, I'm thinking of my next trip and each time i read a new entry I get more and more pumped up for it! Where are we going to go next... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX