Thursday, 3 November 2011

Brasil Part 1

I don't know why I wrote about Peru and Bolivia before Brasil since we went to Brasil first...strange...but I am strange.

Sammy d and I landed in Sao Paulo from London and left straight away to get down to a town called Curitiba, we had met a guy in Spain from there and he told us when we come to Brasil we can stay with we did!

We spent 3 weeks in brasil, it was amazing. We stayed with Arlei for 2 weeks in his apartment and we travelled around the south of Brasil, he and his friends showed us some great places that only the locals new! yeah!
Curitiba was such a cute little town with old buildings and the vibe was just great, people out until late, enjoying each others company and just so friendly. One night we went to a salsa night, it was so funny. Trying to move your feet so quickly and so many brasilian guys coming up to you wanting to dance! mmm sexy brasilian guys, yes please!
Arlei and his mates were so nice, always wanting to take us to different places and showing us the wonders of Brasil.

One day Arlei decided to takes us down to where his mum lives for a few nights, something different and new things to explore and see! She lives in this tiny town on a beautiful beach that is essentially a university town and it is full of students partying all the time! we stayed there for a couple of days and it was so much fun, the food, drinks and long walks on the beach we had were just divine, I can not complain! After a few days of hanging with mum and some of Arlei's friends she dropped us off at a boat as we were going to stay a couple of nights on an Island...I wish I could remember what this Island was called but it was so tiny and cute!

We got to our little hotel we were staying in and dumped out bags and went we were walking through bush Arlei decides to tell us that there are bugs on this Island that bury into your skin....yup....was not happy, I was constantly moving my feet and would not stay still, who wants a bug buried in their skin, NOT I!
This Island was so nice, we went on a walk that took us around the whole thing, it was so stinking hot but going in and out of the water was so nice, oh I wish I was in delicious water right now. boo.

As Caiprinha's are Brasil's national cocktail we had soooooo many of them...everyday we had at least one, they have cachaca (alcohol) lime, sugar and ice, it is very delish and the way the brasilians make it is even better! Sitting in a chair, in the sun with one of these bad boys in your hand is heaven!
Sadly the island adventure had to come to an end :( it was so lovely but we had to go back to cars and tall buildings.We got an old rickety boat back, bought some icecream to cheer us up and went back to a busy lifestyle that we so enjoyed not being a part of!
Brasil is a pretty amazing country and I am jealous of everyone that gets to go there, I know I have been there but I want to go back! There is so much to see and do! I could write so many posts on everything we did, the waterfalls we walked to, the kilometers of rain forest we saw and the great food we ate..they love their buffet's!

Peace until next time xxxx


  1. naww. that looks amazeballs. what is better than an awesome cocktail in your hand and a hot guy in your eye.. er i just had to make it sound weird. whatevs. i was trying to write a poem

  2. I want to go to Brazillll! We used to hang out with a few Brazilians when we all worked together at Disney and they were CRAZY! Life is just one big party with them, too much fun!

  3. is that Victor?

  4. Bugs that crawl into your skin. No thank you. But it does look amazing.