Thursday, 17 November 2011

Table Top Mountain

Hi guys!

Today i do not feel like writing much, I'm a little sad...2011 has been a pretty shit year for me :(

Instead I am going post pictures of me on Table Top Mountain in is the most spectacular view, absolutely incredible, hopefully one day you will get to go there or if you have you will know what I mean!

Going up in the cable gets so scary!

It was so hot that day, i wish i could have jumped from the top into the sea!!

 Camps Bay
Top of the mountains that go all the way to Cape Point


 The Stadium they used for the World Cup
 Robben Island (Where Nelson Mandela went to prison)
 You can hike up the mountain...I took the easier way out

 Lions Head
Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Peace xx


  1. I'm sorry your sad Holly, I love your travel adventures!! Bring back the words soon.

  2. I'm sorry you're sad too :( Gorgeous photos though Holly, it looks amazing!

  3. There is much to explore in South Africa; the Johannesburg wild life or flights to Cape Town will stun you with the beauty of the Table Top Mountain.