Thursday, 1 December 2011


I go to England A LOT! It is my second home as my family live there and I just love London, it is such an amazing city!

In the past 5 years I have lived there for 3 years...I just can't seem to get enough! Obviously there are ups and downs, you don't get paid enough there and the public transport can do your head in but the good always over ways the a mile!
I have met some FANTASTIC people in England...they will be my friends for life and everyday i think about them and always want to go back to have some fun! Here are three things that i totally recommend doing while you are in England

1. Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park is like Dream World over here.. a little bit smaller I think but with equally as scary rides! I went there last year for the first time in years and years and forgot how much fun it was! I went with a good friend i met in England, Rachel and a mate from back home Tristan...we were all slightly hung over that day and it was pouring with rain so we were mighty determined!
 They had a new ride called the Saw horror was SOOOO scary! you had to walk through this dark warehouse holding on to the person infront of you as it was too dark to walk by yourself and actors inside would be all dressed up in character scaring the bejesus out of you, was mighty fun!
One of the rides i did not participate in because looking at it freaked me out! it was so steep and high that I could not bring myself to get on it...I used to be so good with going on any rides, the older i am getting the bigger pussy i am turning in to :( This ride was called 'Stealth' and went from 0-80mphs in 2.3 seconds!! Rach and Tristan went on it and said it was amazing!

2. Brighton

When i am in England my mum usually comes to visit to see her family and of course me! Last year we took a little trip down to Brighton for a few nights, it was really nice! Of course it was freezing but exploring all the little lane ways Brighton has to offer and the pier, it was just so nice!
My Auntie came with us for the first day (it is only 45 mins from London so easy for a day trip), we had a great lunch and looked in the cutest shops, there isn't too much to do in Brighton apart from explore the shore, shop and eat so that is what we did! It is so pretty and some of the building are so old (and probably haunted!) it's so nice to walk past them and check out the architecture!

3. Notting Hill Carnival

The three years i have lived here i have been to Notting Hill is such a great day when you go..just to be sure to leave before the sun goes down!
Last year I went with my close friend Siobhan and her friend Sam. We had the funniest time ever! It can get a little scary as sometimes we were surrounded by big groups of people that looked like they wanted to fight but otherwise you walk around the streets of Notting Hill just enjoying the music, the parade and drinking on the street is always fun!
 At one stage we found a park that many people were sitting in and you could buy laughing that was hilarious! everyone was laughing so we joined in! We were all enjoying ourselves, smoking the funny stuff and doing the laughing gas when about 20 cops walked through the park!! They didn't seem to mind as they had other things to worry about like people getting stabbed!
The music on the day is so good...everyone is jamming and there is just a good feel in the air, damn i miss it, I want to go back next year for it!

There you go, three things that would definitely need to do when you are in England! It is such a great country and there is always something to do!

Have you been to England? Where have you been?

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  1. I LOVEEEE England, especially London. Didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, spent only a month there exploring but it was beautiful during the summer. Would love to try a winter there some time. MISS YOUR FACE!