Friday, 10 June 2011

Kittens, Kittens, oh they are so cute

A couple of months ago my friend had to look after 2 tiny kittens and their mum. They were so darn cute. They were still too young to be taken away from their mum so that is why she had to look after the whole family. It was not an easy task to look after them all - the house started to smell, the cats meow's would give you a head ache after a while and the mum became very attached to whoever fed her and just followed you around meowing - VERY annoying. But look how cute they are!

When they first arrived at Matilda's house they were so small they still could not walk properly and you could pick them up by their necks - oh i love kittens so much i just want to squish all of them!
One day i was at Matilda's house and we were sitting in the lounge room and the tortoise shell one discovered herself in the mirror, it was the cutest thing ever, she was so confused for so long, looking back at herself thinking 'where is this other kitten, why does she look exactly like me'

It was very sad to see them go, at least they were only given to friends so one day we will see them again! They were both such well tempered and just wanted to have fun, always so playful, climbing up the sofa's and having crazy moments!
I want another Kitten! I don't think my beautiful old man of a cat would like that though!

 One more picture for cuteness :)xx

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