Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Future Festival

Hiya Peeps!
I have been MIA from my blog in forever now but i have made a conscience decision to put at least one post a week on here.........!

A few weeks ago i went to future, i hadn't been to future in years as I'm always saving to go away and can never afford it. This year i went with Ryan, Matilda and a few others. We had pre drinks at Til's house and then made our way to Flemington Racecourse (where they hold the event). We decided to try and get there for 3.30 so we had a good amount of time there, being there any earlier would have meant too many hours one your feet and surrounded my the masses!
When we got on the tram going towards the city it started to pour down with rain and to make matters worse ticket inspectors came on the tram so we had to run off (like i am going to buy a ticket for a few stops!) and we got soaked even before we had to go on the long train ride to Flemington.

We arrived at Future, everyone there was soaking wet, we were lucky that it was a warm muggy day or we would have been freezing!
Watched many cool bands and DJ's but i was looking forward to the last one the most....The Chemical Brothers, yay!
Just before the Chemical Brothers were on, MGMT came on, not going to say much about them apart from...THEY WERE CRAP. they even played the same song in a row..not sure if they did it on purpose of they forgot they had just played it!
Chemical Brothers were awesome! The lighting they had on their background was crazy good and I new every song which always makes it so much fun! It started pouring down with rain again and the freezing wind picked up but we didn't care...we just danced the night away!
When the Chemical Brothers finished we wanted to get home straight away...but so did the other 15,000 people that came to future that day. It was mayhem, I won't get into it because it was such a nightmare, all I can say is that getting home was the best feeling ever.

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  1. that would have been awesome. your such a naughty gir.

    guess what - its been over a week :P