Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The other week i went to Adelaide! i had never been there before (have never gone past the East coast of Australia) so i was pretty excited. i have heard that there isn't much there and especially coming from Melbourne where the city is pretty big i wasn't expecting much!
I was going to Adelaide to visit a friend i had made while living in London. We had become really close in London so i couldnt wait to go see her! i was picked up from the airport, which is basically right next to the 'city' so we werent in the car for long!
She lives on the beach in Adelaide so i was excited about swimming and tanning but the day i arrived it did not stop raining....pouring even!

we just hung out during the day as there isnt much you can do in the rain! and when it hit around 4 pm we thought we would go for a late boozy lunch at her local pub. it was so nice sitting outside underneath cover watching the rain hit the sea - very relaxing. When the sun was setting the clouds parted a bit and we got such an amazing sunset, it was unbelievable.

The day i was leaving Rachel took me to 'The city'. I wasnt expecting much as i have been told there isnt much there. as we were driving in we got to this road and rachel was like 'and we are in the city'...............i looked around and there wasnt one tall building, the tallest building was probably as tall as the cadbury building here on st kilda rd. I did see a very large bottlle of wine made of out corks! Saying that though it was still a very pretty city, with nice old buildings, many churches and a nice quiet, slow vibe.

All in all, i would go back to Adelaide but only to see Rachel and to try and spot a great white shark! At least i can say i have been there now!!

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