Monday, 28 February 2011

Dreaming we are in Thailand

So on friday my brother came back from a 6 week holiday from south east Asia....very good to see him! we were all sitting outside having a few drinks and had some family friends around so there was quite a few of us so we decided to light one of those thai lanterns that go far up into the sky and its so pretty to watch!
Last time we lit on of these lanters it was a completely still night so we thought perfect! but it was in the height of the drought so we were a bit weary.....we lit it and it went up then crossed over to a house...bumped into a tree...kept on going and then finally settled on some power lines......we all freaked out and thats why we havent done it for a couple of years!
This time though we thought it will be fine as all it has done all summer is rain and there was no wind in the sky once again! so we let it go and it went high into the sky and over to the was so nice! its such a pretty thing to watch and it bought me right back to Thailand. I think i am going to try and save this year and go for a little holiday to Thailand, laos and cambodia around christmas time.....its always so nice.

Hope your mondayitis isn't as bad as mine! :-)

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